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Can you use powder concealer with liquid foundation?

Whatever works.

Always use foundation first to even out your skin as much as you can, and then use whatever concealer on more troubled spots, otherwise the concealer would be rubbed off if you put foundation on after.

Whatever works man.Can you use powder concealer with liquid foundation?
Not really sure what I would recommend to you. Its difficult to pick so what I end up doing is starting with the less expensive and trying out a few different ones.I would check out the review site at visit and browse the reviews.Can you use powder concealer with liquid foundation?
yeah it will work. I have done that before and it worked fine. :)
that will be sticky
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  • What is the best drugstore concealer 10 points?

    something that is lightweight goes very smooth on your skin without

    rubbing your skin that blends easily on your skin nothing thick please

    10 points for the best answerWhat is the best drugstore concealer 10 points?
    Since you are looking for something that is not too thick, Sonia Kashuk's Hidden Agenda Concealer palette is a good one. This whole palette includes so many things!

    It has three different shades which is great for all kinds of blemishes. They have one that is just a regular concealer so that it covers scars and such blemishes. They also have one shade that is a little on the olive/green-ish side so that is great for neutralizing and covering red blemishes. They also have a salmon-toned concealer that is good for under eye circles. The palette also includes a little powder for setting the concealer and two quality brushes (not sponge tip applicators) for applying. It is a great qualitied palette that also comes with an awesome price! =D It is $11. It may sound a bit overpriced but if you really think about it, you're getting three different kinds of concealers for different blemishes, a setting powder, AND two mini brushes. I think it's a great deal =)

    HOPE I HELPED!What is the best drugstore concealer 10 points?
    I use max factor's pan stick. It's a foundation in stick form, but I've found it's actually worked amazingly as a concealer. I use it as a regular foundation as well, but I mix moisturizer in it so that it is sheer. The coverage is amazing. It covers ever blemish I have, and it doesn't feel like i'm wearing anything. It's around 8 bucks I think.
    I use Ulta concealer and i like it, i've heard that Physicians Formula and NYX are good. If you want to cover up redness, then you should get a green one. The Ulta brand is skintone, it blends easily and it is very smooth.
    Rimmel's concealer is still the best. It goes on really well without much rubbing and stays put for hours. Wouldn't leave home without it! Don't know if you can get Rimmel outside of the UK though!
    i like loreal true match.

    Does clinique acne solution concealer work well?

    i just bought that concealer bc the counter lady recommended it to me for my skin type and tried it out on my face.. i also bought clinique moisture surge and clarifying lotion has anyone tried any of these products and could give me a review on them thx a lot for your help :)

    ps: i need to know about the concealer!!Does clinique acne solution concealer work well?
    ive tried the clarifying lotion number 2 altogether i think it is really **** 拢57 gone to waste try body shop tea tree set i think its really good and you can try there seaweed set as well... i used the seaweed set first and it was working but then i found out i should be using the tea tree set and i just brought some more of it because it was good and has made a difference but maybe clinique is for you but i can't put man-made chemicals on face because it just don't work but body shop is 100% natural chemicals and its really good i think thats what my body needs

    I need a good concealer what skin color do you think this is?

    this is a picture

    my friend needs help with colors and do you think shes pretty??????I need a good concealer what skin color do you think this is?
    i think it's a bad idea to look at a picture and determine skin color. because, the lighting can make your actual skin color look very different. like me, i look pale in some %26amp; black in others. =] go to like sephora or some make up store. =]I need a good concealer what skin color do you think this is?
    don麓t need flat hair, natural always better!
    Mac concealers are the best.

    Color: about nc20-25

    And yea shes really pretty.
    shes pretty, but as far as the skin color..............
    almay smart shade concealer blends right into your skin

    color, believe me it works i use it all the time !

    %26amp; i think she should get the light/medium tone


    yeah she's cute..maybe a little makeup? but thats just what i thinkkk, ask a boy!
    It's always a bad idea to determine skincolour from pics.

    All kinds of factors will affect how your colour actually turns out in the pic. To find a concealer for your skintone, tab a lil concealer tester and blend into your chin and jawline. The right shade should blend right into your skin.
    i think she is really pretty and i also think that the color is like a mix of mexican and cocaison but mostly cocaison.

    but it doesnt mean she is.

    and i love her hair.

    its tight.

    shese kinda pretty i guess and i think shes like a medium ivory skintone
    If you go to any Dillards... Sears, in the make-up section, they can help you find your skin color.

    Always check out Walgreens of CVS...ask the make-up person there. You can test out different colors... use your arm (like near your wrist or even the top of your hand)...
    I would say she is a biege or olive, maybe if she took a picture with a different pose.

    When applying make up should i use foundation of concealer first?

    foundation first, then concealer.

    if you do concealer first, you'll undo all your work blending the concealer when you apply the foundation. :)When applying make up should i use foundation of concealer first?
    You can use concealer both under or over your foundation. Use both under and over for maximum coverage. Under gives you light coverage, over gives a medium coverage, using both over and under gives you the max. Hope this helps.When applying make up should i use foundation of concealer first?
    there are so many different types of everything idk which yu should use first

    *concealer is more to hide blemishes and aged spots

    *and then foundation evens out your tones and gives yu a smoother look to your face

    *so i htink i would go w/ concealer and then foundation...but thats just me
    concealer first because yoy only use it on spots

    then you use the foundation to blend it out for full coverage
    foundation it makes it easier to put on concealer

    Hey Girls, what concealer and blush from Everyday Minerals do you recommend? I'm asian with light color skin

    Intensive fair concealer, and maybe the Text Message blush for more subtle.

    I like the apple blush better.Hey Girls, what concealer and blush from Everyday Minerals do you recommend? I'm asian with light color skin
    Try Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer! It's light and helps prevent caking.

    If you want to have a blush that doesn't fade and crease, you can use Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. You don't need to buy or use brush,which can only cause irritation to the skin most of the time. It is available in 6 different shades.

    Maybelline is perefectly made for Asian Women like us!Hey Girls, what concealer and blush from Everyday Minerals do you recommend? I'm asian with light color skin
    Don't use ';Everyday Minerals'; Use Bare Minerals. Everyday Minerals is like a knock-off of Bare Minerals-the originator of mineral makeup.

    Can you get concealer at target?

    I need some and I haven't really looked there.

    And it should cover up acne blemishes right?Can you get concealer at target?
    Yeah there are tons. Just take a lot and if you need help ask someone.Can you get concealer at target?
    yes you can, it is in by the make up. they actually have a good variety of it. look for the right match and you are set. i ibought some good stuff that is really good for the skin at kholls, it is called good skin. use the face wash and moisturizer, then buy the right shade of good skin concealer for your face. they also have wounderful power!
    yeah you can get any kind of make up at target.
    Yeah, I recommend getting Maybelline Mineral Power concealer. It works great. :)
    If you see that skin eruption with red pimples esp on face better visit Skin specialist

    yes they have it I have seen it
    DEfinetly!! they hav a few new lines there too that you cant get anywhere else!!
    Yes, they have a makeup section
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